How We Secure Same-Day Crowns

farmington dental crowns

Did you know that we can place crowns in only one visit? That means we can correct major issues with your smile and prevent complications without requiring two to three visits. At your Farmington, MI, dental office, we can offer a stronger, healthier, and more beautiful smile with our same-day dental crowns.

The Benefits of Placing One

A dental crown covers the vulnerable portion of the tooth, everything above the gum line. Which means we can address serious restorative concerns, and using lifelike materials, we can do so with a cosmetic approach. A dental crown can repair cracked, broken, or chipped teeth. We can lengthen worn down tooth structure and also address teeth too decayed for a filling. The restoration can also complete a root canal for an infected tooth. We can improve bite balance and chewing function, and help secure permanent teeth for this with tooth loss. We can support a bridge and restore a single tooth dental implant using our custom restorations!

Creating and Placing Them in One Visit

To repair and restore your tooth, we start by numbing it to keep you comfortable as we remove structure to make room for the restoration. We then gather detailed digital images and measurements of the tooth from multiple angles, using them to create an impression. In a dental lab, we use the information to design and craft your crown from lifelike materials, such as ceramic. We can shade the material to ensure your finished one blends with your smile. We also ensure it fits comfortably and provides a properly balanced bite too! Using the CEREC system, we can create them in a single day and in the same visit, attach them with a powerful bonding agent. We create them in-office in the same visit using an onsite milling machine. In a single visit, you can have your tooth repaired and leave with lifelike results!

Protecting Your Newly Restored Smile

To help keep them bright and protect the teeth we’ve attached them to from issues like gum disease and decay or infection, you should practice good oral hygiene. At home, clean your teeth and restorations by brushing and flossing daily. Try to consume less sugar to control plaque buildup until you see us for a cleaning visit every six months. These actions also safeguard your natural teeth too. If you have any questions about how we repair and restore smiles with a custom-made crown in a single visit, then contact us to learn more about this same-day process!

Speak With Your Farmington, MI, Dentist About Same-Day Restorations

We’re ready to offer restoration and improvement in only one visit with our same-day dental restorations. To ask questions or set up your appointment, please call Farmington Smiles in Farmington, MI today at 248-474-8060.

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clear aligners

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same-day crowns

same-day crowns

Our in-house technology produces custom, lifelike crowns in just one appointment!