Restorative Dentistry

Restorative work at our practice can take on active threats to your smile like dental injuries and cavities. We also care for patients who have had work done in the past that left them with concerns about their appearance and/or bite health. Whether you hope to replace a restoration that is no longer comfortable, one that has a conspicuous appearance, or one that appears damaged, we can offer long-term improvements to your smile and correct dental work that has left you dissatisfied.

Dental Bridges And Tooth Loss

Carefully crafted dental bridges provide permanent support after tooth loss without oral surgery. Our practice captures detailed impressions we use to create prosthetic restorations that include dental crowns that are placed on teeth on each side of your smile gap, to support the prosthetic tooth or teeth in the middle.

These appliances are made from different substances, including lifelike porcelain. We can create a restoration that boasts a secure and comfortable fit as well as an attractive cosmetic match for neighboring teeth in order to give you a significant smile restoration. In addition to improving how you look, your bridge can provide important added bite strength. 

Lasting Protection With Custom Dental Crowns

Custom dental crowns are carefully designed restorations that fully surround teeth above the gumline. With different material types—including lifelike porcelain—used to make crowns, we can supply the right look and degree of support to keep your tooth safe over many years. With the aid of advanced in-office technology, we can create a crown that is ready for you in just one visit!

Different Options For Treatment With Dentures

We can replace non-adjacent missing teeth with a partial denture, which returns your complete smile to you with just one appliance. We also provide both conventional full dentures and immediate dentures we can place at the same appointment where remaining teeth are removed.

We can discuss treatment with traditional removable dentures as well as services that include the placement and restoration of dental implants with your prosthesis.

Talk To Your Farmington, MI Dentist About Restorative Treatment!

Restorative services provided by our Farmington, MI dentists can take on active concerns with your oral health. We can also help you if past treatment has left you feeling less than comfortable with your smile. If you would like to find out more, contact Farmington Smiles at 248-474-8060.

clear aligners

clear aligners

Discreet custom appliances that make orthodontic work more convenient
dental implants

dental implants

Better stability and health benefits for single tooth replacement and full arch restoration
same-day crowns

same-day crowns

Our in-house technology produces custom, lifelike crowns in just one appointment!