Clear Aligners

Whether you are correcting poor teeth spacing for the first time or need to follow up on a previous adjustment, clear aligners will help you make positive changes discreetly. Our practice can work with you on this treatment, which will use removable appliances to minimize the impact of your care on your appearance and daily routine.

Our Technology And Clear Aligner Treatment

We use 3D printing technology to create advanced models of your teeth to use in planning your corrections, so you don’t have to bite into plaster to make a mold for us to work with. In addition, we can produce your aligners in-house. This means that your dentist is more involved in your care, and you can start straightening your smile in a shorter time!

Using Clear Aligners To Improve Your Smile

Orthodontic work with clear aligners can take care of gaps and overlaps, move teeth that appear recessed or jut forward due to poor positioning, and offer a more symmetrical smile. They are hard to see as well as easy to remove, making them an excellent option for someone worried about the impact of corrective work on their daily life.

Our practice takes care to thoroughly measure your teeth and study your alignment issues in order to provide the right treatment solution. We capture detailed images of your teeth, bite, and oral structures to ensure you receive the right aligners. All of them will be made with a clear material that avoids detection. Throughout your adjustment, you will move from one appliance to the next, always enjoying the freedom to remove them as needed so that you can eat and clean your teeth.

Using Clear Aligners When Your Teeth Shift After Past Orthodontic Work

Clear aligners can help you realign teeth that have shifted after past orthodontic work. By choosing this instead of wearing braces again, you can make your second adjustment more conservative and easier to fit into your life. Remember that this kind of corrective work does more than just improve how you look, as better alignment can improve your dental function and oral hygiene efforts.

Talk To Your Farmington, MI Dentist About Clear Aligners!

Clear aligners make the movement of uneven teeth easier by using a series of see-through appliances to improve your smile symmetry. If you want to make an adjustment to address lifelong concerns, or if your teeth have shifted more recently, find out how this treatment can help! To find out more, contact Farmington Smiles in Farmington, MI at 248-474-8060.

clear aligners

clear aligners

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