Implant Dentistry And Our Technology

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The impact of tooth loss on your health and confidence is difficult to overstate. This is a serious problem, but with the right treatment approach, it is one that you can move past. Our Farmington, MI dental office can make the experience of restoring your incomplete smile easier, and we can do so while offering fantastic long-term results! We rely on advanced dental technology to plan and perform treatment to address tooth loss with dental implants. Because of the technology we rely on, we can actually handle every part of this procedure here, so you do not have to bounce from one location to another. We can also provide a more comfortable and conservative experience by using a sophisticated, computer-guided approach to placing dental implants.

Our Dental Office Can Do More For Patients Interested In Implant Dentistry

Implant dentistry provides a permanent tooth loss solution with benefits for your smile, dental function, and health. The presence of the dental implant does more than just hold your restoration in place, as it can also stabilize neighboring teeth and even help prevent the loss of jawbone density over time, a problem for patients who lose teeth.

At many other dental offices, patients start treatment plans with their regular practitioner but have to visit a specialist to receive their implant (or implants). We have everything we need to keep each step of your placement and restoration in-house. As a result, the process is easier to arrange and stays with someone you already trust!

How We Approach Dental Implant Placement And Restoration

We rely on sophisticated technology, including 3D printers and cone-beam computed tomography scans, when planning dental implant placement. Thanks to this technology, we can produce a surgical guide to use during your placement, which lets us use a more conservative approach than other practices rely on. Because our approach has less impact on the gum tissues, you can enjoy a shorter and easier recovery period. Once you have healed, we will bring you in to secure a durable prosthetic appliance that matches your natural teeth and benefits your smile while also providing important bite support.

What You Can Look Forward To After Regaining Your Full Smile

Through the restoration of your incomplete smile, we can give you back your bite strength, protect teeth surrounding a gap from loosening and becoming lost, defend you against jawbone deterioration, and improve your appearance. Implant dentistry provides a long-term solution for tooth loss, with your restoration secured in a way that helps you adjust to its presence with ease. During your regular dental checkups, we will continue to check on your restorative work as part of our protection of your oral health.

Talk To Your Farmington, MI Dentist About Implant Dentistry

To learn more about implant dentistry and the role our technology plays in making your treatment experience better, call our Farmington, MI dental office at 248-474-8060.

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