The Advantages To Our Clear Aligner Treatment

man with clear aligners

Have you held off on treating problems with your smile alignment? If you expect corrective work to be uncomfortable, or if you feel embarrassed at the thought of wearing metal braces, you can find it hard to proceed with care that can benefit your smile and health. Our Farmington, MI dental practice relies on advanced imaging technology and conservative clear aligners to make orthodontic care easier for our patients. During an appointment, you can learn how our planning approach makes you more comfortable, and you can find out what your aligners can do to improve your appearance and dental health.

Reasons To Look Forward To Clear Aligner Treatment

If your teeth are not properly spaced, you can find yourself staring in the mirror at a smile hurt by awkward gaps and overlaps. These noticeable spacing issues, along with an awkward lack of symmetry, can hurt your confidence. You should know that poor spacing also hurts you because it impacts your ability to maintain an even bite movement. For patients with crowding problems, misalignments can also make oral hygiene efforts less effective. When you look at how we approach clear aligner treatment, you can find that choosing to do something about this problem is easier than you anticipated!

Using Technology To Plan Your Adjustment

We want every part of your care at our office to be a positive experience. To make the beginning of your clear aligner treatment more pleasant, we have removed the need for you to bite into a sticky plaster mold to make an impression of your teeth. Instead, we use advanced imaging technology to produce a detailed 3D scan of your bite. The process is easier on you, and it yields results that lead to highly realized measurements to use in planning your adjustment! Thanks to those advanced measurements, we can provide clear aligners that are truly suited to your smile and adjustment needs.

Clear Aligners And Your Daily Life

Clear aligners allow you to fix poorly aligned teeth while minimizing changes to your daily life. You will not have to worry about metal braces that disrupt your appearance thanks to these appliances. You are also free from concerns about your oral hygiene routine and eating, as you can easily remove these aligners at times when they would be in your way.

Talk To Your Farmington, MI Dentist About Clear Aligner Treatment

Between our advanced dental imaging technology and our use of conservative clear aligners, we can make your experience with orthodontic work remarkably easy! We are happy to discuss the impact that clear aligners can have on your smile and oral health. To ask questions or set up your appointment, please call Farmington Smiles in Farmington, MI today at 248-474-8060.

clear aligners

clear aligners

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